Should You Trim/Prune Your Locs?

Hair Scissors

Most of us don’t like to be told what to do. We like to have control over our own life and that is why I will not tell you explicitly what to do with your hair. What I will do in this post, is tell you the advantages and disadvantages of trimming of pruning your dreadlocks and follow up with a video that shows my personal opinion. Firstly, I’ll start off by explaining the process of loc trimming.


What is Pruning or Loc Trmiming?

This is the process off removing stray or fuzzy hair from the enter length of the loc. This is typically done after the interlocking process . Loose hair is pulled away from the individual and then cut/trimmed off using a pair of scissors. This leaves your dreadlocks looking thinner due to being frizz or fuzz-free.

Advantages of Pruning Dreadlocks

  1. Your locs look neater. There is no halo of fuzz around your hair. This is especially advantageous for those of us who ave naturally fuzzy hair.
  2. You spend less time managing frizz and therefore can significantly reduce the time spent on maintenance of your locs. No more wrapping loose hairs around the loc for you.
  3. It is by far the easiest way of reducing frizz and hair that has loosened from the length of the loc.

Disadvantages of Pruning Dreadlocks

  1. Your locs may become a lot thinner than they would have been without trimming. There are other ways to manage frizz and loose hairs when you have locs such as rolling the loc between your hands to condense the loc and make the frizz matter to the loc.
  2. Trimming weakens the loc. The network of hair is damaged and is not as carefully connected so you may end up with locs that break off (especially if you dye your hair).
  3. Pruning immature dreadlocks can absolutely damage your locs. You need the fuzz to help build the loc by matting and tangling into your loc. This helps to build strong dreadlocks that are less likely to thin over time. Especially early on, frizz is a natural and necessary part of the locking process. So, if your locs are not fully mature, you should not attempt this method.
  4. If you ever decide to detangle/pick out your locs, you may likely end up with a lot of broken/cut strands. But your locs are in for the long haul, right? (wink wink)

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