The 10 Loc Commandments

The 10 Dreadlocks Commandments Scroll

  1. Thou shalt not ignore moisture rituals. Peeps, if you don’t moisturise your hair and scalp, both your hair and scalp will be unhealthy and dry.
  2. Thou shalt not re-twist/palm-roll and interlock thy hair dry. Grooming your hair dry causes snapping and breaking of the hair at the root. As a result, you will continuously have fuzzy roots from broken hairs at the base of your loc. This also makes your loc thinner and not as less healthy.
  3. Thou shalt wash thy hair thoroughly. A lot of people do not properly remove the products that they apply to their hair during washing. For example, when dying or applying gels and moisture sprays, things get locked into your hair during the locking process. Washing your hair thoroughly is important for the health (and scent) of your hair. Also, dirty hair is difficult to moisturise. Keep it clean y’all. Spend time rinsing out that shampoo and/or conditioner. It takes twice as long to remove product through washing when you have dreadlocks because you need to maneuver between the tangled hair.
  4. Thou shalt not retighten your roots too often. Interlocking hair every two weeks or twisting your roots too tightly cause traction alopecia. It doesn’t matter how thick or strong your hair is. So, unless you wanna be bald, stop it. Stop it now.
  5. Thou shalt not have hair envy. If you’re going to have locs, you’ll need to embrace your own hair. Everyone’s hair is unique. Even more so, everyone’s dreadlocks are unique. Accept the dreadlocks that you have because it will never look liker “hers”.
  6. Thou shalt not use wax or wax based products in your hair. Build-up can cause colour changes and strange scents in your hair when those things start to disintegrate inside of your loc. Wax based products only increase the likelihood of lint and build-up becoming a problem with your dreadlocks. Also, waxes are typically water-proof, so it will be hard for you to moisturise your dreads.
  7. Thou shalt protect thy hair from lint. Bits of that white towel, sweater or just some random thread, can look vert tacky and make your hair look very dirty as well. Tie your hair or wear a satin bonnet up at night (or whenever you are home). If your dreadlocks are very long, you can consider a lock sock or use an extra large satin cap. This helps to not only protect your hair from lint at night (or day), but also from drying out your locs and causing dry locs and scalp when sleeping on an oil-sucking cotton pillowcase or turtleneck.
  8. Thou shalt not continuously prune thy locs lest thy locs fall off.  Everything you are cutting on the outside is attached to the inside. Pruning locs weakens your loc. This is especially true if you have baby locs as the fuzz that you see is what helps to build the loc. Cutting off fuzz by “pruning” locs is usually a recipe for disaster.
  9. Do not style too tightly. This is similar to #4. Many people, in an effort to get those parts and hairline looking slick and neat, over-tighten the hair while styling. Again, this can lead to traction alopecia.
  10. Thou shalt not leave they hair wet for days. I understand. You want to be all natural and not use a dryer. However, especially if you have long locs, water can stay inside your locs for days and cause mould and other fungi to form in your hair. Please embrace the overhead dryer or blow dryer.