How to Start Dreadlocks with Coils

Starter locs - Coils
Starting Locs with Comb Coils

Starting Locs with Comb Coils

Comb coils are one of the most popular ways of starting traditional locs (also called dreads or dreadlocks) – especially for those with short natural hair. You only need about 1/2 inch of hair to begin this type of locs? If you have a relaxer now, you can start your dreadlocks after just two months of growth. That’s about how long it should take you to grow out an inch or two of natural hair. Keep reading for some of the considerations you should explore before starting your locs with coils.

Comb Coils

Comb Coils

Methods of Coiling Hair for Locs

Coils can be created in different ways. Your method may vary a bit depending on the length of your hair but coils are usually recommended for shorter lengths – ½” – 3”. You or your hairdresser can create coils using:

  • Combs (most popular and reliable method) See how it is done in the video below.

  • Fingers (twisting hair between fingers) The video below shows how you can create coils without a tool.

  • Brushes (rubbing detangled hair in a circular motion)
  • A Special Tool (Eg. Nudred available for purchase HERE) Watch the tutorial video below the picture to see whether this method could be for you.
The Nudred Tool _ Buy It Here

The Nudred Tool _ Buy It Here

 Advantages of Starting Locs with Coils

  • QUICK – Your hair could be washed and your locs installed for starter locs in as little as 20-30 minutes.
  • INEXPENSIVE – This method of starting locs is very inexpensive and can even be done at home.
  • MAINTENANCE – Comb coils are fairly easy to maintain at home once you have the appropriate techniques. Because the parts are not usually exact, but more organic, you don’t have to worry as much about perfect parts.
  • HAIR LENGTH – You don’t need long hair. This means that you can start your hair at almost any time – sometimes even just 1 month after getting a relaxer if you cut off your straight ends.
  • FAST LOCKING – Short comb coils tend to lock up very quickly. So, if you’re after locs and want them fast, don’t wait to grow out your hair. Start locking up as soon as you can with just an inch of hair. Your hair can be locked in a few short months.

Disadvantages of Starting Locs with Coils

  • UNRAVELLING – Coils unravel very easily when washed, especially in the first few months until the hair is fully locked.
  • SPECIAL WASHING – Washing coil-started locs can be a challenging process and one will not be able to wash very often since there is usually substantial unraveling during washing. If you find that you can’t make it 3-5 days without washing, this may not be the locking technique for you.
  • HAIR TEXTURE – Coils are really only best when done of tightly coiled hair (type 3c or 4 hair). The looser the curl of your hair, the less likely it is to coil up or hold to loc in place long enough to mature into locs.
  • EXTRA FRIZZINESS – This type of locs get extremely frizzy before maturing. Also, it can look rather inappropriate for conservative environments, so be sure to think about how you will manage your hair. For example, you may need to budget for regular salon visits if neatness is a priority. This can get expensive. Check out the prices for maintenance and styling before getting this done if needed.
  • PARTING – You can part you hair but depending on the method you use, you may end up with uneven parts and somewhat uneven sizes but you can try to use a come to do partings then coil. This may require the assistance of a professional.

Tip! – Comb coils are easily maintained with palm-rolling and clipping until dry at home.

So, is the coil method of starting locs for you?  Let us know and feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section.

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