Short-Medium Cornrow Locs Hairstyle

Short-Medium Cornrow Locs Hairstyle

Short-Medium Cornrow Dreadlocks Hairstyle

It was one of those days. You know, a day when you washed your hair, just didn’t like how it looked, then called your hair stylist to give you a quick ‘do that will make you look presentable for at least a week. Plus, your locs are still pretty short and you’re not sure what to do besides the boring wash and curl hairstyle. So,¬†you call your stylist. I had to wait a day, but I headed over to Denise ( my hairdresser in Kingston Jamaica who can be reached at 876-857-9403).

How she created the loc style:

  • re-twisted the edges of my hairline all the way around my head (only)
  • sectioned my hair from ear to ear and secured sections
  • parted sections in rows of two
  • then proceeded to cornrow (parted two rows) towards the centre of my head.
  • In the back, to create bulk, she did two individual plaits.
  • then she folded the hair into a sort of hump and pinned it in place.
Short Locs Hairstyle

Short Locs Hairstyle

The style took all of 15 minutes. Speedy parting is a huge reason for my deciding to part my locs in rows and columns. Especially when self-styling, it makes it easier to do even parts and sections. I’ll probably do a tutorial showing exactly how this style was achieved as well as another version with flat twists. See the video explanation of this style below.