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What is interlocking?


Hi there. Interlocking is a form of dreadlocks maintenance  that involves the knotting or interlocking the new growth at the base/root of dreadlocks to keep them tight to the scalp. It is much like a retouch in relaxing in that it is a way of maintaining new growth. There are several methods of interlocking which use different tools.

Such tools used include a latchhooks, hair pins, paperclips or a Nappylocs tools and other home-made devices. Some people with bigger locs who don’t want their roots very tight/close to the scalp just use their fingers, though this does not maintain a newly groomed look. Check out the videos below to see a few methods and tools being used to interlock.


Interlocking/Dreadlocks Maintenance Tutorials


  1. Jodi

    August 7, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    This was super helpful and made interlocking really simple (I’ve watched videos and I just couldn’t understand how to interlock).


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