Q+A | How to Reattach Broken or Cut Locs

Before and After Loc Reattachment – Video Still from DXLYN locs


My locs were damaged from colour and broke off. Is it possible to reattach the loc? I don’t want to use fake hair which is the only option I’ve been given by my hairdresser so far. Any suggestions?

Before and After Loc Reattachment – Video Still from DXLYN locs

Before and After Loc Reattachment – Video Still from DXLYN locs


Yes. Locs that have been cut off or have broken off can be re-attached to one’s hair. There are several methods but the two videos that I found below show the best methods for reattaching locs.  The process can sometimes be very lengthy, but if you want the loc attached, the time investment is probably worth it.

If you want to reattach locs to your current Afro, I highly recommend the method demonstrated in the video below.

Now, if the locs were previously interlocked, you may have to comb out or detange the hair a bit to reattach it as it may be difficult

If you want to do this quickly and maybe on your own

So, clearly, there are multiple ways of reattaching locs, but if you do not want to use artificial hair or the ever popular “sewing with thread” method which isn’t really reliable, the two methods demonstrated in the videos above should be ideal and long lasting for you. If you just want to go quickly and don’t care that you have thread in your hair, I’ve put the sewing method below… just as an extra option so that you know what choices you have.

All of the methods demonstrated in this blog post are reliable and your attached loc will eventually tangle and loc together. All the best. I hope that you now have all of the best options at your disposal and find the best decision for you. You can also research more methods on Youtube.

If you are reading this and have done one of these methods or have another method to share, please leave a comment on this post.

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