Over 20 Simple Hairstyles for Starter Locs or Dreadlocks (Medium Length Hair)

Starter Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Updos and other defined hairstyles are perfect for working women (and men) who have fuzzy starter locs/dreadlocks. When you’ve just started locs, it can be difficult to maintain a neat appearance with the extreme frizzing and budding that is likely to occur.  Also, it can be very difficult to find new and work appropriate hairstyles. If you are interested in trying out different styles on your starter dreadlocks, check out the list or the video below.

In case you cannot view the video, see the list of styles below. Other hairstyle suggestions/variations have been added.

  1. Curly locs (You can use loc looks, perm rods, soft spikes, bantu knots, etc.)
  2. Hair left down with side part.
  3. French Braid with side front bang
  4. Flat twist to front with hair spiked towards side
  5. Bun with front pompadour
  6. Half of hair french braided with pompadour in front and back of hair left out/down.
  7. Donut bun witih scarf headband and front pompadour
  8. Donut bun witih scarf headband and front bangs
  9. Front bang are  flat twisted to the side and back left down with a scarf or headband added.
  10. Cornrow to front with plaited pompadour
  11. Flat twist to front with twisted pompadour
  12. Front in 2 flat twists with side part going back into a side ponytail
  13. Front in 2 flat twists with side part going back into a side bun
  14. Flat twists going toward the right at front and hair left down
  15. Flat twists going towards right with hair down in curls
  16. Hair pulled back into ponytail covered with fishnet to create hair bun.
  17. Bun with scarf headband
  18. Bun hawk
  19. Ponytail hawk
  20. Ponytail with side part
  21. Bun with side part
  22. Side bun with side part
  23. Side ponytail withs side part
  24. Front side parted and flat twisted and back of hair left out
  25. Side part with hair flat twisted into a bun
  26. One large flat twist around the crown of head
  27. Pigtails
  28. Two buns made from pigtails
  29. Two french braids into a a back bun
  30. Two front french braids into a bun and the back of hair left out.

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