Kinky in the City – Trudy from Jamaica

Kinky in the City – Trudy's Locs Feature
Kinky in the City – Trudy's Locs Feature

Kinky in the City – Trudy’s Locs Feature

Kinky in the City is our video series where we interview women with locs (for this site) or natural hair (for  This week, we caught up with Trudy who spoke to us about her 9 year lock journey. Watch the video below to learn more about her locs, how she started them and how she maintains them now.

Locs Regimen Recap

  • Trudy washes her hair every 3 weeks.
  • She takes an hour to wash her hair.
  • She uses Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo
  • For re-twisting she uses Ettenio products
  • For moisture, she uses natural oils.
Trudy's 9 year old locs

Trudy’s 9 year old locs in two strand twists

Other Tips

  • Palm-rolling is more gentle on the scalp than Interlocking
  • Styling your hair is great when exercising (it reduces puffy roots and maintains the neatness.
  • Use all natural, clear products to reduce build-up

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