LOCS HAIRSTYLE OF THE WEEK – Loc Petal Fro on Short Locs

Loc Petals Hairstyle

Loc Petals Hairstyle

Locs are very versatile. If you want a new look or have been itching for a cut, this hairstyle is great. Loc petals are an easy style that anybody at any level of hairstyling can do on shorter and longer locs.

All you really need are locs (duh) and small elastic hair bands. Get them in a colour that matches your hair to camouflage their appearance. The elastic band colour is a significant part of the success of this style. Now that you know what tools you need, watch the video tutorial on how to create your loc petals below to get started.

I’m pretty sure you have gotten the  hang of it by now but if you’d like another explanation, check out another tutorial below.

This loc petals technique can be used to create faux bangs without cutting your hair as shown in the image from @huntresslocs on Instagram below.

Loc Petal Bangs

Loc Petal Bangs

Loc Petals can also be done on short locs. Check out the hairstyle on MochaTonedMommie below.

You can use loc petals almost anywhere that you’d typically curl your hair. So, whether it’s an updo with a curly top or a loc petaled ponytail, experiment with this style for a myriad hairstyle options for your locs.  Check out the images below.

Sabrina's Loc Petals Hairstyle

Sabrina’s Loc Petals Hairstyle

Loc Petal Updo– Happy loc’ing.

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