How to Start Dreadlocks Instantly Without Extensions

Instant Dreadlocks without Extensions
Creating Instant Dreadlocks without Extensions

Creating Instant Dreadlocks without Extensions

If you want to go from an afro to a full head of locs INSTANTLY, this blog post and video is for you. Now, this is why I stress the importance of research. Had I known about this technique, I’d have certainly tried it before starting my locs. But hey, I’m pretty happy with my braidlocs right now so let’s move on. This technique teaches you how to start dreadlocks that look 100% mature and can be washed in a matter of hours (not months).

Full Head of Locs Instantly

Full Head of Locs in One Day

This method of hair loc’ing involves the use of a small crochet needle and crafty latch-hook. The length of the process varies based on the length of your hair but it typically can be done in one day. Instant locs sounds all great but there are both pros and cons. Keep reading to decide whether this technique is for you.

Instant Locs

Instant Locs


  1. You can wash your hair immediately .
  2. The process is not very long.
  3. Your hair almost instantly appears locked.
  4. Works well on straighter hair textures
Instantly Loc'd Hair Styled

Instantly loc’d Hair in simple dreadlocks hairstyle


  1. May not work as well on thinner locs.
  2. Requires a skilled person with ample experience.
  3. Cannot easily be done on one’s own hair.

All in all, this is a great method. Check out the video below to see the demonstration for instant locs before deciding whether they are truly for you.

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