How to Round the Ends of Your Locs

Claudine wrote:

I just installed my first ever braidlocs.
I live in a country where dreadlocs is looked upon with disdain but I don’t really care. LOL. The hairstylist however new to this, did not part the lines straight and the sizes are not even at all. I plan on correcting it myself. I have one issue,what happens to the loose tip of each braid? Is there anything I should do to take them?
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon
P.S I love your blog

KiK writes:

Thanks for writing Claudine. Your strong will is a sign of what must be a strong character. Keep it up. With that said, I can sympathise with the challenge of how to manage unravelling locs or getting rounded ends to your locs.

The loose hair on your ends usually lock up if left alone but some people do have loose ends for years. There are a few things you can do early on in the locking process.

  1. Avoid using conditioners for a while and only use hot oil treatments for moisture. Oils will moisturise but won’t create as much slip as most detangling conditioners.
  2. Style and manipulate your hair as little as possible. Regularly manipulating your dreadlocks causes the retardation of the locking process.
  3. Give yourself at least a year if you want to happen naturally. When your hair is fully locked, you can snip off a few (maybe 5) ends and see how they respond. If they stay locked and don’t unravel at the tip after repeated washing, you may just be able snip off the curly ends.
  4. Those ends usually coil up after a while. I say leave them alone if you can wait it out.

Some people’s locs never really get those rounded tips on their own. If you’re been locking for a while, or If you are just impatient and want that rounded look, you can do what Khambria did below.

If the hair continuously loosens for more than an inch of hair, you can interlock the ends. (Watch the video below to see how.)

I also found the video below online and I thought it was really cool. You can check that out too.

All the best on your hair journey. I hope that you are enjoying your locs and will keep strong on your hair journey.

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