How to Retwist or Palmroll Your Locs like a Pro

Dreadlocks – Re-twisted and Styled

Let’s just say what we all know. A lot of us want to maintain our locs at home, but we often don’t get the salon-professional finish. Well, that is no longer a problem. If you want the professional re-twist look, this blog post is for you.

I learned how to do a professional re-twist at an event hosted by Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven in Kingston, Jamaica. Of course, I took some footage to share. and made notes to show what I learned. Keep reading for the written tutorial and video demonstration. Special thanks to: Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven – Facebook  – – Website

Re-twisted and Styled Locs

Re-twisted and Styled Locs

What is Re-twisting or Palm-Rolling?

Re-twisting is a method of maintaining the length of your locs and locking the new growth of your hair. In the process, fuzzy hair is tightened around the length of the lock and the roots are twisted to maintain the form of the cylindrical form of the loc.

How to Re-twist or Palmroll Your Dreadlocks

If you can’t see the video below, follow the written steps that follow.



Step 1: Wash and towel/t-shirt dry hair.

Step 2: Put your hair into a ponytail and, starting at the back, pull away one loc to work on at a time.

Step 3: Separate the roots so that you can see the parts clearly.

Step 4: Apply a little locking cream or gel (recommendations coming soon) to the root of your dreadlocks and to your fingers.

Step 5: Twist the fuzzy hairs around the length of the locs in a clockwise direction..

Step 6: Roll the loc between your hands or twist your dreadlocks to the right (clockwise) until the root is fully twisted.

Step 7: Pin the loc to keep the twist or otherwise secure it.

Step 8: Air dry or sit under an overhead dryer to set the twist or style as desired.

The method above outlines the best way to get a salon professional finish but there are other ways to re-twist your hair. Check out the videos below.

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