How to Temporarily Colour or Decorate Your Locs with Yarn

Color Locs with Yarn Wrap Accessories
Color Locs with Yarn Wrap Accessories

Color Locs/Yarn Wrap – Source

Have you been itching to dye your locs or add an accessory but don’t want to damage  your hair? Wrapping your hair with yarn may be the answer. There are different methods of wrapping your locs.  You can wrap the entire loc with yarn or crotchet thread to create highlights like the ones shown below.

Purple Highlighted Locs

Purple Highlighted Locs

Will You Damage Your Locs?

Young locs require rubbing and bunching/expanding etc. to mature. As such, the fully wrapped method as shown below would not be recommended as it can retard locking and weaken the lock. This method, however, is perfectly safe for those with mature dreadlocks.

Genie Locs

Genie Locs – Source

If your locs are young/immature, you can use the criss-cross method of adorning your hair since the dreadlock is not fully covered.

Of course, if your locs are mature, you can use any method of choice.

Yarn Wrapped Locs

Yarn Wrapped Dreadlocks

Tip: A similar method can also be done with kinky hair and that will not damage your locs at all but the hair may begin to bond to your natural dreadlocks so don’t do that one unless you’re looking for a permanent addition of colour.

Coloured Wrapped Locs

Coloured Wrapped Locs

How to Decorate Your Locs with Yarn.

You can opt to use yarn (which is most hair-like if you’re looking for colour) or crotchet thread. Watch the link below to learn 3 different techniques for decorating your dreadlocs with yarn.

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