Dreadlocks Q&A – Why Loc Counts Aren’t Important

How many locs do you have?
How many locs do you have?

How many locs do you have?


Dear Diedre, 

How many locs do you have? I’m starting my braidloc journey in December.  Yours are so beautiful and inspiring. I want mine exactly like yours.

– YouTube Viewer

Dreadlocks Question and Answer

Dreadlocks Question and Answer


Hello YouTube Viewer,

I’m so humbled. Thank you very much for you very kind words. I’m happy to answer your question.

Unfortunately, my first response may be a little disappointing. I have no idea how many locs I have. I’ve never given the number much thought. Why? The number of locs I have really doesn’t matter. Here are some reasons why:

  • If my hair strands are packed more (or less) densely on my scalp than yours, you will likely receive a very different look and very different thickness.
  • If your hair strands are thinner, you may end up with much finer looking locs. Of course, it would be the opposite if they are thicker.
  • Is your head/scalp area bigger or smaller. Yes, this is an actual consideration. My aunt has a reaaaally small head. If she did my number of locs, she’d probably have micro locs.

So, two people can have the same number of locs and have very different looking heads of locs.

With that said, I’ll go on to your other, comment (which made me blush) regarding wanting your locs to look exactly like mine. I’ve never thought myself an inspiration and it’s nice to know that someone else sees my locs as perfectly desirous. Still, no two heads of hair are alike. Sometimes, even hair that looks similar can be very different. For example, when styled, your hair my hold a curl longer, or shrink more – all while looking the same. So, your hair is uniquely yours, just like your entire body. I’m sure that with proper hair care practices, you can have a most beautiful set of locs, all your own, that someone will adore and admire. Then, they will be asking you how many locs you have.  🙂

So, YouTube Viewer, I really do hope that you begin your loc journey and enjoy and embrace the uniqueness that is you. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. With that said,you can CLICK HERE for a blog post on how I started my locs. It includes pictures of my hair before and after washing, the general parting style and the size of my locs. If you think that your have similar density of hair, you could try my parting sizes and the pics give you an idea of the size of my parts which are either a little smaller or larger than the circumference of a pencil (depending on the section of my hair).

Happy Loc’ing YouTube reader!

Warmest Regards,

Diedre of DIYLocs 



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