Locs Feature – Nicole from Georgia, USA

Nicole's wavy dreadlocks
Name:Nicole Turner-Hill
From:Atlanta, Ga.    
Natural Since: Jan. 2003
Loc’d Since: June 2,2013


Nicole's wavy dreadlocks

Nicole’s wavy dreadlocks

DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc’d your hair?

Nicole: I decided to go natural because I was tired of my scalp getting burned every time I got a relaxer. I wanted a healthy scalp and thicker hair. So after being natural for 10 I had worn every style cut and color of my desires and was looking for a new look. I always loved locs, but was scared of the process. Until the reality show Black Ink on VH1 debuted in 2013 and I saw the star Dutchess Lattimore lovely locs. She wore her locs beautifully and show versatility with styles. So every monday night I would tune in just to see her locs and after season 2 I was inspired me to start my process.


Nicole's Starter Locs (Comb Coils)

Nicole’s Starter Locs (Comb Coils)

DIYLocs: What method did you use to loc your hair and how long did it take to install?

Nicole: I started my locs by comb coils, I like the palm roll look


Nicoles Short Locs

Nicoles Short Locs

DIYLocs: How long did it take for your hair to loc up?

Nicole: My hair took about 4 months to loc’d.


Nicoles Wavy Dreadlocks

Nicoles Wavy Dreadlocks

DIYLocs: Would you do anything differently if you were to go back in time and start your dreadlocks again?

Nicole: I would not change a thing.


DIYLocs: How often do you retighten your hair and what method do you use to retighten your roots?
Nicole: retwist my roots every 4 to 6 weeks by palm rolling


Nicole's Loc Maintenance

Nicole’s Loc Maintenance

DIYLocs: What is your current hair regimen over the course of a month?

Nicole: I oil my scalp twice a week with %100 Palma Christi known as Castor oil, I retwist my hair with Sulfer 8 twisting gel mixed with a little honey. I shampoo my hair with Dr. Bronners Shampoo and I do a steam treatment with a mixture of oils w/ a small amount of Design Essentials natural condtioner. At night I sleep with a satin bonnet.


Medium length locs

Medium length locs

DIYLocs: What is your go-to dreadlocks hairstyle and how do you do it?

Nicole: I do my locs myself or I go to my coworker at the salon where I work Nakemia at DK Salon.


Nicoles Medium Length Locs

Nicoles Medium Length Locs

DIYLocs: Has loc’d hair been easier or harder than relaxed or loose natural hair?

Nicole: Locs are easier, for me its a wake up and go!


DIYLocs: Has having dreadlocks affected your personal or professional life/relationships in any way?
Nicole: In the beginning of my loc journey my clients,friends and family questioned me by asking “WHY are you doing this to your hair?” They always stared at my hair with disbelief but over time everyone learned to accepted it and now everyone LOVES my hair!!!!


Nicoles dreadlocks journey

Nicoles dreadlocks journey

DIYLocs: Any encouraging words for people who have just started the journey?

Nicole: BE PATIENT, STAY FOCUSED, LOVE and EMBRACE your hair at every stage of your journey because looking back at pictures over the two years of my journey it tells a story at each time of my life.


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