Dreadlocks Hairstyle Tutorial – Medium Length Updo

Medium Length Locs Updo

If you love chic updos that can last for days during the work week or even for a special occasion this dreadlocks hairstyle tutorial is for you. This dreadlocks hairstyle

Medium Length Locs Updo

Medium Length Locs Updo

What you’ll need to make your style last for days:

  1. Medium length locs
  2. Lots of hair pins
  3. Clear gel to clean up your edges smooth (optional)
  4. A brush for smoothing the edges (optional)
  5. A scarf to tie down your hair at night. This preserves the hairstyle and enables you to not use gel daily to keep your hair neat or edges smooth everyday.

Watch the dreadlocks hairstyle tutorial for your chic updo below.


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