Dreadlocks Feature: Sharie from Maryland

Starter locs and mature dreadlocks

Name: Sharie Deneiece

From: Maryland – PG County, USA

Occupation: Special Education Teacher

Natural Since: March 2008

Loc’d Since: January 3, 2009

Sharie's Baby Locs

Sharie’s Baby Locs


DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc your hair?

Sharie: I had been teetering with the idea for years. I wanted to do it my freshman year of college, but I didn’t have the will to let go of my relaxer – or the confidence – to ignore the sly remarks from those who didn’t understand or agree with my choice.


DIYLocs: What method did you use to loc your hair and how long did it take to install? (Please mention why you selected this method).

Sharie: My locs were started with two strand twist. This is the only part of my journey that I entrusted into someone else’s hands. It took her an hour to install my twist. I chose this method after researching Sisterlocks and discovering that my pockets weren’t deep enough. I felt I had entirely too much hair for that undertaking. So, I went traditional.

Sharie's Long Locs

Sharie’s Long Locs

DIYLocs: How long did it take for your hair to loc up?

Sharie: The nape of my neck had loc’d or started the process in 3 months. I think this is typical as I’ve started locs for many former clients and this is often the first place where we notice budding taking place. In a year’s time I had budded all over, but was not solidly loc’d until year 2.

Curly Locs

Curly Locs

DIYLocs: Would you do anything differently if you were to go back in time and start your locs again?

Sharie: I wouldn’t do a thing differently. It has been a great journey, and somehow, I managed to be very inquisitive and not damage my hair in the process.

Long Locs

DIYLocs: How often do you retighten your hair?

Sharie: In the early years, I was committed to every 4 weeks like clock-work; then my hair got longer and I became comfortable with having the thickness of my new growth, so, I started spacing my re-twist out a little more every time. These days I am re-twisting when I feel like I want a more manicured look. That can be once a month or once every three to four months. When I go without, I always make sure to go through and pull them apart as to not encourage marrying.

Marrying: when two or more locs conjoin themselves.

Sharie's Long Curly Locs

Sharie’s Long Curly Locs

DIYLocs: What method do you use to retighten the roots of your locs?

Sharie:  I think I started that I am a traditionalist: good ‘ol palm rolling is my method of choice. It’s healthy and not as risky for me as other methods. It’s fail-proof – for the most part.

DIYLocs: What is your current hair regimen over the course of a month?

Sharie: Hmm… At night: I always wrap my hair in a silk/satin scarf – PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if I have re-twisted or not.

Morning: I oil my hair with Taalijah Waajid – the orange oil. This is the only product that has stood the test of time with my loc journey. I really loved her product before she went into the stores. This oil is still really good stuff.

Maintenance: Shampoo- Crème of Nature (Which surprised me; my locs feel great after using this product) Conditioner: I use straight shea butter, emulsified in my palms and then I rub my scalp and then the length of my locs. Twisting agent: I made my own which consists of shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba, mango butter, and something else that’s completely escaping me.

DIYLocs: What is your go-to dreadlocks hairstyle and how do you do it?

Sharie: That’s a toughie. These days I’m quick to throw a headband or something on it. Once upon a time, my go-to was a pompadour and ponytail. I would section off my crown (The area right between my temples) and pull everything else to mid-high ponytail. What I would do is rake all my locs in that temple section forward, then I would lift that hair to the back again, either angled to one side for a sweeping pompadour.

Plaited Locs Updo Hairstyle

Plaited Locs Updo Hairstyle


DIYLocs: Has loc’d hair been easier or harder than relaxed or loose natural hair?

Sharie: Good question. Though NONE of them are “easy”, having Locs, for me is the lesser of the three evils. I hated having a “loose natural” – for the year that I did. I hated the nightly maintenance and the Miss Ceelie first year. LOL!! Chile, I was so over my fro. I love my locs, they were definitely a great choice.

Long Coloured Locs

Long Coloured Locs

DIYLocs: How did you colour your hair and has your hair changed as a result? (if relevant)

Sharie: Well, I am a licensed Master Cosmetologist (who RETIREDDDDDD), so, I use(d) professional grade products and was very meticulous about the process. Colour/Chemicals is/are not the enemy; misinformed and unprofessional people are. I’ve coloured my hair on many occasions and have not had any problems. I am actually a believer in only colouring natural hair, though relaxed hair can be coloured, too. The amount of chemicals and damage done to the hair with the layered chemical processes are why so many women experience major hair loss issues…I digress.

Sharie's Locs

Sharie’s Locs


DIYLocs: Has having dreadlocks affected your personal or professional life/relationships in any way?

Sharie: Not that I’ve noticed. I stand out in many of my professional circles due to my red-highlighted locs. Initially, I encountered a lot of “why-would-you-do-that-to-all-your-pretty-hair” comments; all my pretty hair is back.

Sharie's Locs Updo

Sharie’s Locs Updo

DIYLocs: Any encouraging words for people who have just started the journey?

Sharie: HANG IN THERE!!! Don’t do too much too soon. Leave the FRIZZIES ALONE! Don’t try every product; rub it in your hands, if it’s sappy, pasty, slimy, gooey and does not melt into the skin like butter, DON’T USE IT IN YOUR LOCS!!! Organic Root Stimulator was the worst decision I ever made. That white residue is unnatural and will get stuck in your locs. I wear the build-up everyday as a reminder.

Don’t rush the process. You can’t cheat the process. It is just that, A PROCESS.

As my students say, “Be easy, homie.”

-Be Easy, HOMIE!

Sharie's Locs Hairstyles

Sharie’s Locs Hairstyles


DIYLocs: Thanks for doing this interview. Is there anywhere we can keep up with your hair journey online?

Sharie: Uh… not really…beyond FB and Youtube, those aren’t specific to my hair; but you can come say “HEY!”

FB: Sharie Deniece

Youtube: NaturallBeYOUtyMe



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