Dreadlocks Feature: Kinkycurl of Atlanta, USA

Kinkycurl's Dreadlocks Feature

First published in Feb. 2012

Name: Kinkycurl
Age: 29
From: Georgia, Atlanta, USA
Daily Grind: Photographer
Locked Since: July 2010

Kinkycurl's mature dreadlocks

Kinkycurl’s mature dreadlocks

DIYLOCS: Why did you decide to lock your hair?

Kinkycurl: I decided to lock my hair because honestly I wanted a low maintenance lifestyle. I always admired the looks of locs and how they really made women look like queens.

Kinkycurl's loose hair texture before locs

Kinkycurl’s loose hair texture before locs

DIYLOCS: Well, do you ever miss your loose natural hair though?

Kinkycurl: At times I miss my natural hair. There are times that I wanted to have my cute curls, then I quickly get over it when I remember how time consuming it was to actually style my natural hair.

Kinkycurl's short locs

Kinkycurl’s short locs

DIYLOCS: I know exactly how you feel. So, tell us more about what method you used to start your locs?

Kinkycurl: My locs were started by a Jamaican woman. She looked at my hair and stated because of the texture of my hair backcombing was ideal. I had been turned down by three locticians before then who said my hair wasn’t “nappy” enough. But, I think they were afraid to try. She backcombed my hair and palm rolled each section. This made the locs look more mature and allowed the hair to stay together.

Kinkycurl's locs in the budding phase

Kinkycurl’s baby locs in the budding phase

DIYLOCS: We Jamaicans know our stuff then, right? (wink) Anyway. So how do you maintain your hair now?

Kinkycurl: I oil, oil, oil!!!! I wash my hair once every three weeks with Taliah Waajid products and condition maybe once every two months. For my hair, I have learned that conditioning isn’t necessary every time I wash. I don’t do many updos. I am very afraid of my hair breaking around my temple area so I mainly keep my hair down.

The texture of Kinkycurl's dreadlocks

The texture of Kinkycurl’s dreadlocks

DIYLOCS:: If you could lock your hair again, what would you do differently?

Kinkycurl: If I could lock my hair, I wouldn’t do anything differently, I love them!!!

A simply dreadlocks hairstyle

A simply dreadlocks hairstyle

DIYLOCS: Great! Do you think you will ever cut or cut off your locs to go back to loose hair?

Kinkycurl: One day I may cut my hair. NOT NOW! I am enjoying what I have at this present moment…..I think they are absolutely divine!!

Kinkycurl's locs in motion

Kinkycurl’s dreadlocks in motion

DIYLOCS: Tell us more about your profession?

Kinkycurl: I am a professional photographer. I was always into art and bought my first camera and started to snap pics. Before long, I had people calling and asking me to take pictures of them. It turned into a business, and in 5 years I hope to own my own studio.

DIYLOCS: OK lady, where online can we follow you and your loc journey?

Kinkycurl: You may find my loc journey on fotki.com/kinkycurl 🙂

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