Dreadlocks Feature: Kaye from the USA

Kaye's Dreadlocks Journey

Name: Kaye Murray
From: Beaufort, SC, USA
Occupation: Teacher

Natural Since: May 2003

Loc’d Since: April 2006

Linda wearing a loc updo style

Linda wearing a loc updo hairstyle

DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc your hair?

Kaye: I decided to go natural because a friend of mine had cancer and she started to lose her hair. She, another friend, and I decided to cut our hair along with hers as a symbol of support. Afterwards, I found that I really liked my natural hair, so I decided to remain natural.

Kaye's Starter Locs – Comb Coils

Kaye’s Starter Locs – Comb Coils

DIYLocs: What method did you use to loc your hair and how long did it take to install?

Kaye:  I used the comb twist. That was the only method I knew at the time. In fact, there were very few lociticans in the area, so methods were limited.

Locs Updo Hairstyle

Locs Updo Hairstyle

DIYLocs: How long did it take for your hair to loc up?

Kaye:  It took my locs about four months to loc. Prior to this, a lotician was using this self-made concoction to twist my hair, but my hair did not loc. So, once I changed locticians; black beeswax locked my hair very quickly.

Kaye's Short Locs

Kaye’s Short Locs

DIYLocs: Would you do anything differently if you were to go back in time and start your dreadlocks again?

Kaye: No

DIYLocs: How often do you retighten your hair and what method do you use to retighten your roots?

Kaye: I retighten my hair every 4-6weeks. I utilize both the interlocking and re-twist method.
In the summer interlocking is best due to the heat and humidity. Re-twisting works in the summer only if my hair is styled in an up do.

Kaye in another dreadlocks updo

Kaye in another dreadlocks updo

DIYLocs: What is your current hair regimen over the course of a month?

Kaye: My regimen is pretty simple. I find a combination of olive, coconut, and olive oils to spray into my hair.
I prefer the oil sprays versus the oil that I have to pour into my hand. I also love to shampoo my hair with trader Joe’s Tee tree tingles shampoo and conditioner. One product I like to spray inmy hair is Better Braids Hair and Scalp oil. It is light and smells wonderful.


A dreadlocks updo for a hot summer day

A dreadlocks updo for a hot summer day

DIYLocs: What is your go-to dreadlocks hairstyle and how do you do it?

Kaye:  I tie my back with my hair in two places and place shades at the top of my hair: Simple but effective for me.

Linda in her staple dreadlocks hairstyle

Linda in her staple dreadlocks hairstyle

DIYLocs: Has loc’d hair been easier or harder than relaxed or loose natural hair?

Kaye:  I think that loc’d hair is easier to manage for me because when I had relaxed hair, my hair was thick and grew too quickly, and I would have to go to the beautician every two weeks. I loved my natural loose hair, but I did not know how to manage it. Once I acquired locs and grew them, I was better able to manage my hair more effectively.

Kaye's coloured locs

Kaye’s coloured locs

DIYLocs: How did you colour your hair and has your hair changed as a result? (if relevant)

Kaye: I go to loticians to for any hair color. I have had red, brown, and honey blond. My hair has a tendency to become a little dry.

DIYLocs:  Has having dreadlocks affected your personal or professional life/relationships in any way?

Kaye: Not at all.

Kaye's Loc Updo Hairstyle

Kaye’s Loc Updo Hairstyle

DIYLocs:  Any encouraging words for people who have just started the journey?

Kaye: Just keep moving forward. Love every moment of the journey. When the journey gets a little challenging, tell yourself that this stage is only temporary. Also, what works for someone else’s hair may not work for your hair. Find what products work best for your hair.

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