Locs Feature: Danielle the Producer

Messy Loc Bun

Name: Danielle

Occupation: Visual Artist/Producer

Natural Since: 2004

Loc’d Since: 2007

Danielle with beautiful multicoloured locs

Danielle with beautiful multicoloured locs

DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc your hair?

Danielle:  I decided to go natural because the products that I used damaged my hair and I needed a fresh start. So what I did was braided my hair a lot through high school and I would cut my ends once every two weeks to get rid of the perm. It took me about a full year to grow out my perm.  But it wasn’t until i got to college when I decided to loc my hair


DIYLocs: What method did you use to loc your hair and how long did it take to install?

Danielle: When I decided to loc my hair. I wasn’t really positive If was going to like them so the method I chose was the two strand method just incase I wanted to take out my hair.

Locs ponytail

Locs ponytail

DIYLocs: How long did it take for your hair to loc up?

Danielle: It took about 6-7 months for my hair to fully loc with the double twist.


DIYLocs: Would you do anything differently if you were to go back in time and start your dreadlocks again?

Danielle: If I could do anything differently… I think I would’ve started sooner.

Braided locs

Braided locs

DIYLocs: How often do you retighten your hair and what method do you use to retighten your roots?

Danielle: I palm roll my hair. I don’t really have a specific routine when I retighten. I just go off of how I feel and how my hair looks.

Danielle's superbly sophisticated locs hairstyle

Danielle’s superbly sophisticated locs hairstyle

DIYLocs: What is your current hair regimen over the course of a month?

Danielle: I try and wash my hair every month either with shampoo or peppermint oil. I am very constant with moisturizing my hair.
I moisture my hair with natural products I created. Stay tune I will probably be selling it soon.


DIYLocs: What is your go-to dreadlocks hairstyle and how do you do it?

Danielle: My go to hairstyle is my ponytail or bun. So easy and so cute.

DIYLocs: Has loc’d hair been easier or harder than relaxed or loose natural hair?

Danielle: I think it has been the same. People assume that it is easier to manage, but
its not. Especially for a girl. You have to make sure your hair is neat, smelling good and presentable.
Oh, and not to mention if you have color. That is a whole different process to maintain.

Danielle's beautiful blonde locs.

Danielle’s beautiful blonde locs.

DIYLocs: How did you colour your hair and has your hair changed as a result? (if relevant)

Danielle: My hair is probably three colors right now. Honey blonde, brown and my natural color (dark brown).
My actual hair hasn’t changed. I think the colors have changed because I don’t leave them on at the same time equally.


DIYLocs: Has having dreadlocks affected your personal or professional life/relationships in any way

Danielle: Having locs hasn’t affected any relationships. It actually has started a lot of conversation and a lot of opportunities.

Long coloured locs

Long coloured locs

DIYLocs: Any encouraging words for people who have just started the journey?

Danielle: Having locs or natural hair is a sign of confidence and patience. It really is a great journey that only people that has experienced it can understand. So embrace who you are and enjoy the journey.


DIYLocs: Thanks for doing this interview. Is there anywhere we can keep up with your hair journey online?

Danielle: Yes, You can keep up with me

www. instagram.com/Dbellalocs

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