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This section shares the dreadlocks hair journeys and regimens of women who have decided to lock their hair.

Short Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Joy From Minneapolis, USA

Name: Joy Williams
 From: Minneapolis, Minnesota (currently located in Atlanta, GA) Occupation: Living Coach
 Natural Since: Birth 
Loc’d Since: (On and off)…

Brittony's Long Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Brittony from Canada

Name: Brittony Claremont From: Nova Scotia Canada Occupation: Certified Health Coach Natural Since: May 2006 Loc’d Since: May 2010 DIYLocs: Why did…

Trudy's Luscious Locs

Dreadlocks Feature | Trudy the Jamerican

Name: Trudy From: Manchester, Jamaica/ Coral Springs, FL Natural Since: April 2009 Loc’d Since: April 2010 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…

Salkis Re wearing thick locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Salkis Re from New York

Name: Salkis Re From: New York Natural Since: 1989 Loc’d Since: 2001   DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc…

Erin's Locs Feature

Dreadlocks Feature: Erin From Minessota

Name: Erin Pridgen From: Jackson, MS Occupation: Attorney Natural Since: February 2012 Loc’d Since: September 2013 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…

Starter locs and mature dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Feature: Sharie from Maryland

Name: Sharie Deneiece From: Maryland – PG County, USA Occupation: Special Education Teacher Natural Since: March 2008 Loc’d Since: January 3, 2009…

Work Appropriate Locs Style

Dreadlocks Feature: Cardeen from Kingston

Name: Cardeen Witter From: Kingston,  Jamaica Occupation: Workforce Management Analyst Natural Since: Dec 2006 Loc’d Since: Oct 2007 DIYLocs: Why did you…

Al Stefan's Locs

Male Dreadlocks Feature: Al Steffan from Saint Lucia

Name: Al Steffan Hippolyte (ASH) From: Saint Lucia, West Indies Natural Since: All my life Loc’d Since: June, 2010 DIYLocs: Why did you go…

Kristal's Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Kristal from DC, USA

Name: Kristal McLaughlin From: Washington, D.C. 
 Natural Since: September 2001
 Loc’d Since: August 2006 DIYLocs:  Why did you go natural and…

Jocelyn's Freeform Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Jocelyn from Virginia

Name: Jocelyn From: Virginia Beach, VA Natural Since: October 2006 Loc’d Since: August 2013 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide…

Kimberly Bailey Loc'd Hair Feature

Dreadlocks Feature: Kimberly from Baltimore, USA

Name: Kimberly Bailey From: Baltimore, MD Natural Since: OCT, 2006 Loc’d Since: NOV, 2006 DIYLocs:  Why did you go natural and decide…

Shanique Locs Blog Feature

Locs Feature: Shanique from New York

Name: Shanique Maxwell From: Brooklyn, New York Natural Since: Always Been Natural  Loc’d Since: January, 2008 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…

Dreadlocks Feature: Temp Cori from the USA

 Temp Cori From: Portsmouth, VA 
 Natural Since:  2009 Loc’d Since: July 2011 KiK: Why did you go natural and decide to loc your hair?…

Kokofemme's beautiful two-toned locs

Locs Feature | KoKoFemme from Atlanta, Georgia

Name: Kokofemme Age: I shall never tell, lol From: Northern ATL Daily Grind: RN Full-Time / Behavioral Health KiK: How long have…