• Dreadlocks Feature: Synethia from Jamaica

    First published in 2011 Name: Synethia Ennis
 Age: 31
From: Jamaica 
Daily Grind:  English Kindergarten Teacher DIYLOCS: How long have you had locs and why did...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Lovelyne from Florida, USA


Name: Lovelyne Pinder Age: 30 From: Miami, Fl KiK: What is your daily hair routine? Lovelyne: I really don’t have a daily grind when i wake...

  • Stalking Long Dreadlocks in Jamaica

    Every once in a while, when driving around the city (St Andrew, Jamaica), I see something that makes me go diving into my very deep...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Hempress Steph from Guadeloupe

    Originally posted February 2012 Name: Hempress Steph From: Guadeloupe, French Caribbean Currently Living in: New York City, USA Daily Grind:  Modeling and Photography KiK: How...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Nique from Florida, USA

    Originally posted on March 2012 and Updated June 2015 Name: Nique From: Ft Lauderdale, Florida Daily Grind: Singing in music group 3b4jHoy, designing and acting...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Spice Island Prince

    REPOST FROM 2012 Name: Spice Island Prince Age: 26 From: St. Georges, Grenada Work: Founder of Natural Love/Employed by the man Natural Since: Out the...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Mona from the US

    Name: Mona Henderson
 From: Denver, Colorado
 Occupation: Director of Operations 
Natural Since: 6/2001 
Loc’d Since: 6/2001 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc...

  • Locs Feature: Josette from Canada

    Name: Josette Hankins
 From: Born in Mississauga, Ontario
 Occupation: Youtuber, Hostess
 Natural Since: April,1995 – since birth 
Loc’d Since: July, 2006 DIYLocs: Why did you go...

  • Tiffany from Texas Keeps it Loc’d

    Name:  Tiffany Parr From:  Dallas, Texas
 Occupation: Designer/Owner of Tiffany’s Loc Jewels and That Critical Piece Natural Since: July 2002 
Loc’d Since: May 2006  ...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Vanessa from Virginia

    Name:  Vanessa Washington From: Hampton, VA Occupation:  Account Manager Natural Since: June 2009 Loc’d Since: May 2010 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to...

  • Locs Feature: Jasmine from Cali

    Name: Jasmine From: Compton, CA 
Occupation: Student Natural Since: Sept. 2004 Loc’d Since: Dec. 2010     DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc your...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Shelomi from Barbados

    Name: Shelomi Sarah Akaziah Shepherd
 From: St.Thomas, Barbados 
Occupation: Exotic piercer and plus size model Natural Since: 1995/04/21 
Loc’d Since: 1998/02/10 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Damali from the USA

    Name: Damali Makata From: Originally from Miami, FL…currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Occupation: Theatre Arts Teacher Natural Since:  December 2012 Loc’d Since: December 2014 DIYLocs:...

  • Dreadlocks Feature: Kesha from Florida, USA

    Name: Kesha King
 From: Tampa, FL, USA 
Occupation: Assistant Supervisor
 Natural Since: 05/2005  Loc’d Since: 05/2007 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc...