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All the posts on this site talk about starting and maintaining your locs and features men and women with dreadlocks.

Hot Oil Treatment on Locs

How and Why to Moisturise Locs with Hot Oil Treatments

Do you want to know how to remedy dry, dull dreadlocks/locs or an itchy, flaking scalp? Many locked women struggle with dryness from lack…

Short Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Joy From Minneapolis, USA

Name: Joy Williams
 From: Minneapolis, Minnesota (currently located in Atlanta, GA) Occupation: Living Coach
 Natural Since: Birth 
Loc’d Since: (On and off)…

Brittony's Long Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Brittony from Canada

Name: Brittony Claremont From: Nova Scotia Canada Occupation: Certified Health Coach Natural Since: May 2006 Loc’d Since: May 2010 DIYLocs: Why did…

Asherlee Naturals Loc Love Butter

Product Review: Asherlee Naturals Loc Love Butter

I was at a Loc event for Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven when I received the Loc Love Butter in a gift…

Trudy's Luscious Locs

Dreadlocks Feature | Trudy the Jamerican

Name: Trudy From: Manchester, Jamaica/ Coral Springs, FL Natural Since: April 2009 Loc’d Since: April 2010 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…

Salkis Re wearing thick locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Salkis Re from New York

Name: Salkis Re From: New York Natural Since: 1989 Loc’d Since: 2001   DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to loc…

Erin's Locs Feature

Dreadlocks Feature: Erin From Minessota

Name: Erin Pridgen From: Jackson, MS Occupation: Attorney Natural Since: February 2012 Loc’d Since: September 2013 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…

Starter locs and mature dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Feature: Sharie from Maryland

Name: Sharie Deneiece From: Maryland – PG County, USA Occupation: Special Education Teacher Natural Since: March 2008 Loc’d Since: January 3, 2009…

Instant Dreadlocks without Extensions

How to Start Dreadlocks Instantly Without Extensions

If you want to go from an afro to a full head of locs INSTANTLY, this blog post and video is for…

Work Appropriate Locs Style

Dreadlocks Feature: Cardeen from Kingston

Name: Cardeen Witter From: Kingston,  Jamaica Occupation: Workforce Management Analyst Natural Since: Dec 2006 Loc’d Since: Oct 2007 DIYLocs: Why did you…

Al Stefan's Locs

Male Dreadlocks Feature: Al Steffan from Saint Lucia

Name: Al Steffan Hippolyte (ASH) From: Saint Lucia, West Indies Natural Since: All my life Loc’d Since: June, 2010 DIYLocs: Why did you go…


Month 5-6 Braidlocs Update

I started off the fifth month of loc’ing  with a fresh re-tightening (using interlocking as usual) and new headshots for my professional…

Kristal's Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Kristal from DC, USA

Name: Kristal McLaughlin From: Washington, D.C. 
 Natural Since: September 2001
 Loc’d Since: August 2006 DIYLocs:  Why did you go natural and…

Jocelyn's Freeform Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Jocelyn from Virginia

Name: Jocelyn From: Virginia Beach, VA Natural Since: October 2006 Loc’d Since: August 2013 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide…