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All the posts on this site talk about starting and maintaining your locs and features men and women with dreadlocks.

Maturing dreadlocks with dandruff

How to Manage Dreadlocks/Braidlocs and Dandruff

QUESTION Dear KiK, I started my braidlocs yesterday and I was wondering what the best shampoo and moisturiser is for my hair?…

Dreadlocks created using the Braidlocs method

Braidlocs to Dreadlocks – Q & A

QUESTION & ANSWER Hi Diedre, I started my braidlocs a month ago. Before I decided to try it out I already tried…

How to do Fishtails on Loc’d Hair – Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Fishtails are a popular dreadlocks hairstyle. They can be done as one big tail or in multiple sections in a cornrow/canerow-like style…

Tiffany's Bleached Locs

Tiffany from Texas Keeps it Loc’d

Name:  Tiffany Parr From:  Dallas, Texas
 Occupation: Designer/Owner of Tiffany’s Loc Jewels and That Critical Piece Natural Since: July 2002 
Loc’d Since:…

Two Strand Twists on Lcos

Dreadlocks Hairstyle | Two-strand Twists

Twists are one of the most popular hairstyles for women with loose natural hair but has gained much popularity in the last…

Starter Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Over 20 Simple Hairstyles for Starter Locs or Dreadlocks (Medium Length Hair)

Updos and other defined hairstyles are perfect for working women (and men) who have fuzzy starter locs/dreadlocks. When you’ve just started locs,…

Freeform/Organic Locs

Freeform Dreadlocks 101 – The What, How, Why & Who

I will admit, I do not know that many people with freeform dreadlocks. The talented and beautiful fashion designer, Mamayashi (pictured left…

Loc Journey Comparison pics

Dreadlocks Feature: Vanessa from Virginia

Name:  Vanessa Washington From: Hampton, VA Occupation:  Account Manager Natural Since: June 2009 Loc’d Since: May 2010 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural…

Locs Feature: Jasmine from Cali

Name: Jasmine From: Compton, CA 
Occupation: Student Natural Since: Sept. 2004 Loc’d Since: Dec. 2010     DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide…

Shelomi's Locs

Dreadlocks Feature: Shelomi from Barbados

Name: Shelomi Sarah Akaziah Shepherd
 From: St.Thomas, Barbados 
Occupation: Exotic piercer and plus size model Natural Since: 1995/04/21 
Loc’d Since: 1998/02/10 DIYLocs: Why did…

9 Month Braidlocs Update

Month 9 Dreadlocks Update (Braidlocs)

I’ve not had my braidlocs for 9 months (insert loud screaming and awkward celebratory dancing here). Not much has really happened this…

Dreadlocks Feature: Damali from the USA

Name: Damali Makata From: Originally from Miami, FL…currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Occupation: Theatre Arts Teacher Natural Since:  December 2012 Loc’d Since:…

7 and 8 month loc update

7 & 8 Month Braidlocs-Dreadlocks Update – Product Chat

This blog post should get you caught up on what has been happening with my braidlocs to dreadlocks journey. check out my…

Kesha's Dreadlocks Bun

Dreadlocks Feature: Kesha from Florida, USA

Name: Kesha King
 From: Tampa, FL, USA 
Occupation: Assistant Supervisor
 Natural Since: 05/2005  Loc’d Since: 05/2007 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…