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All the posts on this site talk about starting and maintaining your locs and features men and women with dreadlocks.

Locs Product Review Pixture of Rejuvenating Oil - Indian Amla Oil

REVIEW | Optimum Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil

This is a locs product review for the Optimum Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil infused with Indian Amla Oil. Claims Optimum Salon Haircare now…

Short-Medium Cornrow Locs Hairstyle

Short-Medium Cornrow Locs Hairstyle

It was one of those days. You know, a day when you washed your hair, just didn’t like how it looked, then…

Kenya's Locs Journey

Locs Feature: Kenya from Michigan, USA

Name:Kenya From: Detroit, MI Occupation: Model, model coach Natural Since: June 1991 Loc’d Since: May 2011 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and…

Nicole's wavy dreadlocks

Locs Feature – Nicole from Georgia, USA

Name:Nicole Turner-Hill From:Atlanta, Ga.     Occupation:Hairstylist Natural Since: Jan. 2003 Loc’d Since: June 2,2013   DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide…

Baby Locs


Question Hi KiK, I am in the beginning process of growing locks. Any recommendations for all natural lock gels? – JR (Asked via…

How many locs do you have?

Dreadlocks Q&A – Why Loc Counts Aren’t Important

Question Dear Diedre,  How many locs do you have? I’m starting my braidloc journey in December.  Yours are so beautiful and inspiring….

Kaye's Dreadlocks Journey

Dreadlocks Feature: Kaye from the USA

Name: Kaye Murray From: Beaufort, SC, USA Occupation: Teacher 
Natural Since: May 2003
 Loc’d Since: April 2006 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural…

1 Year Old Locs

One Year Locs Update (Braidlocs)

As you may know if you’ve been following my dreadlocks journey, I started my locs on Loc Appreciation Day 2014. So, I have…

Kinky in the City – Trudy's Locs Feature

Kinky in the City – Trudy from Jamaica

Kinky in the City is our video series where we interview women with locs (for this site) or natural hair (for….

Thick, Long Locs Hairstyles

12 Quick and Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Long, Thick Locs

Now, all of these styles are demonstrated on natural thick locs but the technique should surely work for those of you with…

Cherlie's Loc Journey

Dreadlocks Feature: Cherlie D. from Florida, USA

Name: Cherlie D. From: Florida Occupation: Juvenile Services Natural Since: 2005 Loc’d Since: Labor day 2009 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural and decide to…

Long Coloured Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Feature: Gwen from Wisconsin, USA

Name: Gwen (Gwensday) Miner From: Milwaukee, WI Occupation: College Administrator/Zumba Instructor Natural Since: February 1999 Loc’d Since: September 2000 DIYLocs: Why did you go natural…

Loc Knots Bob by Jus Natural Hair Studio

Locs Hairstyle Tutorial: Loc Knots Bob

The beautiful locs hairstyle above was created by stylists at the Just Natural Hair Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. The hairstyle integrates two…

11 month old braidlocs

Month 10-11 Dreadlocks Update (Braidlocs)

Well, I plaited my hair almost a year ago to start my locs. So, let’s see what changes have been happening with…