7 Easy Dreadlocks Hairstyles & Tutorials for Short Locs

Hairstyle Tutorials for Short Locs

If you are a woman who loves change and style, short locs can get pretty darned boring. So, I decided to comb the internet for a few dreadlocks hairstyles that are likely to work for you. Whether you have thicker or thinner locs, one of these styles should suit your hair and personal style. Pick the one that suits you best below.

Short Locs  Basketweave Hairstyle

This hairstyle is particularly good if you retwist your hair. If you interlock with a latch-hook or paperclip, this is also great for getting slick parts and a very neat hairdo that should last you up to a week. No hairstyling in the evening after work for you!


Short Retro Inspired Updo on Short Locs

Short Locs Roll Up Hairstyle

Short Locs Roll Up Hairstyle

This first style is one of my favourites. It’s very quick and easy. You’ll be hearing quick and easy from me a lot. I don’t like to spend hours on my hair.


Short Loc Petals

Short Locs Petals Afro

Short Locs Petals Afro

This dreadlocks hairstyle was inspired by the following video.

Loc petals can be done on short hair too. I recommend this for those of you with fully formed locs. If your locs aren’t formed, the manipulation may be a bit too much for it. LEARN HOW TO DO LOC PETALS BY CLICKING HERE.


A Cornrow Loc Hairstyle with Bangs

Cornrow with Bangs Locs Hairstyle

Cornrow with Bangs Locs Hairstyle

This may take some practise if you cannot cornrow but this style can also be achieved by just flat twisting or rolling the hair.


Short Locs Updo with Bangs

Are you a bang-lover? This is great for almost any size of locs and is especially good if you don’t want to disrupt the locking process if your locs are still susceptible to unravelling . I’ll be trying this one after my next wash.

Roll Style for Short Locs

This is a quick, super simple yet very chic style that could be great for thicker locs.

Side Updo on Short Locs

This style takes a tiny bit longer than the rest so you may want to do it the night before you go but it’s still quick and easy. Check out the demo for the hairstyle below.

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